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Abia Polytechnic University Dress Code Policy Paper

Step 1: Choose a topic

Read the list below and select the topic that is best suited to you. You will use this topic to help craft your assignment.

  1. A policy regarding wifi and technology usage for a company or school.
  2. A policy regarding four-day work weeks.
  3. A policy for a new dress code at work.
  4. A policy on pets at work.
    5. A policy on working from home.
  5. Instructions and information on how to apply for a new scholarship program offered by a college or company.
  6. Instructions and information on how to request to be added to a new health program at work.
  7. Instructions and information on how to join a specific student organization or civic group.
  8. Instructions and information on how to request funding for a grant.
  9. A brochure with instructions and/or policy information relating to your final report could be used as an appendix. If choosing this option, you must include the information and instructions and/or a new policy.

Step 2: Do some research

Find a source or two that helps you learn more about this topic. You will need to cite this source in your newsletter/brochure, so be sure to keep accurate notes!

Step 3: Find or create visuals

Your newsletter/brochure must include at least two visual elements. These can be in the form of charts, graphs, photos, text boxes, etc., but you must include them carefully into your document. If you use someone else’s remember that it must be cited.

Step 4: Write your new policy or procedure

Remember that when you create your new policy or procedure, you need to give context. You cannot just start writing bullet points!

Step 5: Design your document

You will now take your information and incorporate your elements into a newsletter or a brochure.  Be sure to include your reference information somewhere on the document itself. Pay careful attention that you create a professional brochure or newsletter that matches the needs of the text. Everything is important – from fonts to spacing to visuals – it all matters!

Newsletter formats must be two pages in length and brochures must also be two pages to form a tri-fold brochure. When you are finished, be sure to upload your document as an attachment. 


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