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Abilene Christian University Michel v Graydon Case Law Analysis

Discuss recent cases and describe the information and basic content of the case.

How to find a topic for a Current Events Presentation:

Read a lot of news stories. Look wherever you get your current news information.

Limitation: The news story upon which you base your summary should be within the past year. Your focus should be on civil law, not criminal law.

The structure of the paper:

The writing has a two-page limit (not including title, header, pasted document/article text, or citations; those are extra.) There is no minimum length requirement

1.The facts of the case.

In chronological order, recount all the relevant events that took place. Remember that in this case I haven’t seen the facts before, so that you will probably have to supply more complete information so that I can understand what is going on.

Please put the facts in your own words, rather than a set of quotations from a news source. I recommend that you not even be looking at the news source (if there is one) when writing this section.

Note that there must be one set of facts throughout the whole paper. If there is competing testimony as to what happened, then decide which ones are true and stick with those facts. (Don’t tell me how you made your decision; I don ‘t care. The point is that you should not waste time in this paper arguing about “what really happened.”)

Note also that the facts your source (person or news article) thinks are important aren’t necessarily the ones that really are relevant for purposes of the legal arguments you are making. Include all relevant information, but exclude details that have no bearing on the legal questions you will be discussing.

In this section you are discussing facts alone; do not bring up law or arguments yet.

2.Identify the law/ lawsuit involved.

At this point, tell me exactly who the parties or potential parties, are, and what legal area is involved(name of the tort, breach of contract, etc.). Your arguments will make no sense unless I know who the plaintiff and defendant are.

3.Give the conclusion or present status of the matter/case.

4.Be sure to indicate the full source of the article and/or provide a link so readers may locate and read more details.



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