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AC Analysis of Impacts of Predictive Policing on Traffic Safety Paper

Your Stand-Alone Project responses should be both grammatically and mechanically correct, and formatted in the same fashion as the project itself. If there is a Part A, your response should identify a Part A, etc. In addition, you must appropriately cite all resources used in your response and document in a bibliography using APA style. Note your assigned grade will be based on the overall quality of your paper, content, structure, correct use of English, correct use of APA format, and lack of grammar or spelling errors. (200 points) (A 10-page research proposal is required combining Parts A through I).

Organize your proposal in the following manner.

Part A
Cover Page: The title, your name, the date, and the course code and title, centered on the page. Although no points are awarded for this, a deduction will be made for failure to include it in your stand-alone project.

Part B
Program Goals: Explain the goals of the program, including how the program you have chosen will benefit your target audience and the larger community.

Part C
Background/Literature Review: Explain your experience with or interest in this topic. Summarize relevant research conducted by others as determined by your literature review; at least ten (10) background sources must be presented in this section. (You will have prepared the literature review for the Activities portion of Assignment 6). Explain why this research is important. Why should this topic be studied? What do you expect to find from your research? How will it add to the body of knowledge that already exists? How will your potential findings be used in the real world? Choose literature that is current (no more than 3-5 years old, if possible).

Part D
Program Type/Program Theory/Program Components: Explain the type of program you have chosen. Explain the theory of the program. For example, is the program grounded in the social sciences? Psychology? Criminology? Explain the program components. How will the program be delivered?

Part E
Target Audience/Program Setting: Identify the target population the program you are creating intends to reach. This should include the gender and age of the population. Explain the setting in which the program can be administered. For example, will the program be delivered in a group setting?

Part F
Key Personnel/Implementation Information/Costs: Identify the key personnel you will need to implement your program. Explain the stakeholders that will need to be on board. For example, do you need the cooperation of universities, social workers, foster parents, etc.? Summarize the costs associated with the program.

Part G
Evaluation Methodology: Describe the sources from which outcome data was collected. Explain what measures, if any, were used to enhance reliability and validity. Identify the scales that were used. 

Part H
Studies Reviewed/Sources Used to Develop Program: Summarize the studies and sources that were reviewed in the development of the program.

Part I
Appendix: Include all supplemental and background information that is relevant and provides support for your proposal. Each body of information must be entered into a separate appendix. Label the appendices alphabetically (Appendix A, Appendix B, etc.)


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