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Academy College Developmental Growth of A City Discussion

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How to mediate competing visions in your city
In the Unit 1 Notes, you explored the relationship between the public and private domains in the real estate development process. You were also introduced to the fine line diagram – a golden thread throughout the program. As you learned, the relationship between these two domains is not static and is governed by regulatory processes that the public domain manages and controls. These regulatory processes are primarily established to protect public interests and shared resources. Regulatory processes also ensure fairness, while mediating the diverse and often competing visions for a city’s development – whether these visions are private or public, individual or collective, or formal or informal.
Reflect on the city you live in, or a city that you are familiar with, and select an area to focus on. Consider selecting an area that has recently undergone significant urban change, or an area you know has competing visions for its development. Based on what you have learned so far in this module, discuss the following with your peers:
What do you think are the official, unofficial, and developers’ visions for your chosen area? Do you think that they will clash during the development process? Explain your answer.
Think about the different levels of government involved in the development process for your chosen area. Which types of plans would be required for the regulation of development in that area?
How could the competing visions for your chosen area be mediated and coordinated more effectively through the planning process?
Once you have posted your responses, engage with your peers and participate in the discussion. What can you learn from someone else’s view of how competing visions can be mediated? Do you have similar or differing opinions? When engaging with your peers’ responses, consider the fine line between the public and private domains in city-making and reflect on how much control the public domain has in your chosen city and the cities discussed by your peers. 300 words only


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