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Acaydia School of Aesthetics LLC Occupational Health & Safety Discussion

Please respond to Kyra 

Good evening,

If I was coordinating a job-site with a mass of construction workers I would first set up a morning safety briefing and introduction for the first day and continue with safety briefings every morning during the extent of the job.

The safety briefing would highlight the following:
-Sign-In and address where the SDS can be found
-Screenings: drugs/alcohol, disorientation, background checks
-Scope of work to be completed that day
-Identify hazards for trips and falls for cords and equipment/tools due to limited range of motion and space
-Assign responsibilities
-Ask Questions and give answers

I would focus on having a team of safety officers and managers to enforce codes and regulations based on OSHA standards and the EPA. The safety team would focus heavily on entering high prone accident areas of the job site to make sure no unsafe acts occurring nor aggressive behaviors starting to peak. In the event an incident occurs all operations would be stopped until the situation is assessed, addressed, and cleared immediately. Making sure everyone is following the rules and maintaining a safe work environment would be a major requirement. Along with the safety team over watching the construction workers, at the end of each day they could create a training program designed for areas of improvement as well as team building skills for the diversity of workers. Making sure every single worker is striving for the same goals set forth each day is a must towards efficient and safe production of work. Training would be a requirement at the start of each day to address PPE and how to use it or certain tools and how to operate them. At the end of each day training would be optional to those who seek to improve in areas they are personally struggling with. Making sure each employee is comfortable on the job site with the skills they learn will boost workplace moral and overall production.


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