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Acaydia School of Aesthetics Occupational Health & Safety Discussion

Please respond to christopher with 180 words

I remember surveying Date Street in Honolulu. I was the party chief, employed by a private survey firm. My instrument man had set up the total station on a city and county street monument in the middle of the intersection of two streets. I had placed traffic cones for the instrument man to create a safe work zone. Once the cones were established, I walked off the sidewalk to start the survey with my head chainman. Unfortunately, a vehicle came too close to the setup and clipped the survey instrument within the work zone, which struck my instrument man in the head. I immediately called 911 and requested EMS and HPD. At the same time, my head chainman ran to get the vehicle’s license plate. Unfortunately, the driver did not stop to render aid. Fortunately, my colleague who was struck was not injured seriously. Futhermore, the police never found the driver who did the hit and run.

There were many incidents like the one I mentioned over the years I worked for the company. These workplace accidents and close calls would be shrugged off like they never happened. There would be no safety meetings, no training, nothing like we have today. The company I worked for never gave us any training in traffic control and was never serious about safety. Whenever someone got hurt, management would throw the party chief under the bus without any explanation. When I reflect back at that time, I’m amazed more workers weren’t seriously injured, especially when working in and around traffic. The company would pretend to care about worker safety only when we got local, State, or Federal contracts. The companies I worked for under the union weren’t any better than private. I find the occupational safety environment with the State of Hawaii to be the best so far.


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