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ACCT 12 Santa Monica College Accounting Informational Interview

For this assignment, you are going to interview a professional via phone or video. I am encouraging you to find a stranger, someone, you do not know. Try to have fun with this assignment. 

What is an informational interview? 

  • A brief meeting with a professional in a career or industry that you are considering. 
  • A chance to get a first-hand experience and get information and advice that is specific to your interests and concerns. 
  • An opportunity for you to gather knowledge about the field, meet professionals and begin to establish a network of contacts. 


  1. Find a professional to see the “ Informational Brainstorm” assignment. Once you have determined individuals you would like to interview take the following steps. 
  2. At the end of the interview, ask for their business card or contact information so you can send them a Thank You note within 24 hours. This can either be via email or US mail. Make sure you do not text a thank you note.

Yay, you completed the interview! 

Now you can write your reflection of the experience and what you learned by performing the informational interview. 

  • Name of the person you interviewed


list of questions you asked ( * not the responses) 

Respond to the following questions in paragraphs: 

  1. What is your impression of this field? ( it may help to think about the pros and cons, skills, etc).  Would you want to do this particular job? Why or why not?
  2. Discuss what was most surprising about this career provide specific examples. Or Share what did not surprise you. 
  3. What were the 2-3  positives and negatives of this career?  How do these factors impact your perspective on this career?
  4. Review your MBTI and SII results, How does this career align with your personality and interest?  ( look at your heart of type and overall themes codes )
  5. What was your biggest “take away” from your interview?  Do you foresee using this technique in the future? 


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