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Actively Participating Conversational Discussion Post

Active Reading

We need to start thinking about reading actively. Great . . .what does that mean? Well, it means not being a passive consumer of text or other media. It means actively participating in it; it means seeing both reading and writing as conversations that connect and contend, not isolated events. These two tutorials will lay a foundation that you can build from and adapt to your style and preferences. The activity will allow you to process this idea into a new creation, share your take on it, and give me a sense of where you stand. Complete each of the following three tasks in order:

Step 1: Watch this tutorial introducing active reading and “Scouting it out: pre-reading” (Links to an external site.)

Take notes as you will be asked to reproduce some of the ideas here explored (ps: don’t worry about the assignment at the end to read the link the video mentions–although you are more than welcome to; it’s short).

Step 2: Watch this tutorial on annotations and why they are important (Links to an external site.)

Take notes as you will be asked to reproduce some of the ideas here explored

Step 3: Make something! Let’s process this information into a new creation! (Links to an external site.)

Think about how you would advertise the importance of active reading (purpose) to other college students (audience). Jot down or sketch out some ideas on a piece of paper. Then, go to (linked below) and create an advertisement or infographic that makes a strong appeal to your audience. For this assignment, think of yourself as a graphic designer, communicating to others with an interesting combination of images and writing. Your job is to sell something to the customer. But in this case, you are selling them an idea, a habit of mind, a way to more deeply engage with texts. Here are some guidelines you should follow:


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