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ACX703 Developing a Communication Research Project
Assessment Task 1 Requirements:
This assessment task requires students to critically review and evaluate a selection of literature and data sources to establish current knowledge of the topic on which
their proposed research project is based, and to demonstrate an understanding of what is already known about the topic. It is not a simple description or summary of
the literature and information sources available. The assessment task offers students an opportunity to commence their preliminary reading for their proposed
research project. As such, ‘the literature’ may include sources of information relevant to the professional practice (e.g. management of crisis communications) that
students intend to undertake in the delivery of their project in the following trimester of study.
The literature review should be structured like a standard academic essay and should address:
• The main ideas, theories, concepts and methodologies relevant to the project topic;
• Areas of agreement and disagreement related to the topic; and
• Any problems or gaps in the literature related to the topic.
Further advice for completing the literature review will be provided across the trimester.