Can you help me understand this Python question?

In this question, you are going to add PE sponsors for all M&A deals that have PE-backed buyers (or equivalently, acquirers).

1.The first tab of the spreadsheet that includes all M&A deals that have PE-backed buyers. PE-backed company means that the company was acquired by private equity firms.

2.The second tab of the spreadsheet includes all M&A deals that PE-backed buyers were acquired by PE firms.

3.In the spreadsheet, instead of using actual names of companies, we use ID numbers for name. When ID = 0, it means that this company doesn’t have a profile in our database. It doesn’t really matter in this problem. In addition, we use different “ma_deal_id” to represent different M&A deals as well.

4.For simplicity, we assume that all PE deals are 100% acquisition.

Here is an example:


Please see more in the file. Finish in 1 hour.