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Adler University Documenting Reporting and Resolving Ethical Dilemma Powerpoint

Two Assignments

Assignment 1 Content

  1. Review UOP’s Sample PowerPoint in the Center for Writing Excellence to guide you in creating an effective presentation. The sample can be found in the Tutorials & Guides section of the CWE, under the heading labeled Sample.

  2. Use the case study you selected in Week 4. Create a visually engaging 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that describes how you, as a correctional counselor or case manager, would report, document, and resolve the ethical dilemma. Use speaker notes for most of your information with bullet points and graphics for your slides. HINT:

    • When describing how you would report the situation, specific verbal communication skills should be identified and discussed.
    • When describing how you would document the situation, specific written communication skills should be identified and discussed.

    Incorporate course materials into the process of resolving the ethical dilemma to support your course of action. Use an ethical code of conduct to justify your actions related to reporting, documenting, and resolving the ethical dilemma. You may use an ethical code presented in course materials or one applicable to your future career, such as the ethical code of the National Association of Social Workers or the National Organization for Human Services. Include a minimum of three sources, two of which should be course materials. Assignment 2 Content

    1. For this assignment, each team will be creating 10-15 interview questions. The questions should be open-ended and consistent with motivational interviewing. Using the interview questions created by your team, each team member will then interview a friend or family member. After completing your interview, each team member should reflect on the experience and provide their own answers to the questions below.

      • Who did you interview?
      • What was the experience like?
      • What was your comfort level with the process?
      • What were your strengths in the process?
      • What areas could you improve in for the future?
      • What would you change about your questionnaire in the future?


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