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Adult and Community Education Quantitative Research Design Essay

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Quantitative Research Design

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Complete the following assignment and submit it no later 

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The purpose of this assignment is to gain practice in designing a quantitative research project appropriate for use in the research study for which you have identified the research question(s) and have developed a literature review.  

Your proposed research design may be either a survey study or an experimental study.

If you plan to do a survey study, then your research design section should at least include:

  • discussion about the purpose
  • identification of the population and sample
  • the survey instruments to be used
  • the relationship between the variables
  • the research questions
  • specific items on the survey
  • steps to be taken in the analysis and the interpretation of the data from the survey

If you plan to do an experimental study, then your research design section should at least include:

  • the participants in the study
  • the variables
  • the instruments used for pretests and posttest
  • the materials to be used in the treatments
  • the specific type of experiment
  • the illustration of the design
  • comments about potential threats to internal and external validity
  • the statistical model used to test the hypotheses or research questions

the interpretation of the results  

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