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African Americans and Diverse Minority Groups Essay

Research Assignment 4

In RA4, you will draft an outline of your final essay, including (an) introductory paragraph(s) with your final (or near final) thesis statement.

Step 1. Using the databases available to you, locate at least one additional primary source created before 1980 and one additional scholarly secondary source that fits the requirements laid out in RA2. Provide full endnote and abbreviated endnote citations for each source.

Consult the Chicago-style page for a refresher on the differences between bibliographic and endnote citations (you may remember this from RA1). You can use (a) page number(s) that correspond(s) with an example that you will use in your final essay.

Endnotes included throughout the narrative itself should appear in sequential numerical order (even if you’re using a source more than once). The endnotes section at the end should appear in that same order.

For any single source, you should abbreviate all subsequent endnotes after the first one in the paper. You can use (a) page number(s) that correspond(s) with an example that you

will use in your final essay.

Step 2. Final Essay Outline. Creating a quality outline is a key step in nearly all research writing. There are a number of basic requirements for the final essay which inform your outline work: 1. The introduction (one to two paragraphs) introduces your topic (often featuring a topical hook, or short example of your topic – consider using your contemporary news

article as an opening example) and includes your thesis statement and structure for your arguments (underline these parts so they are clearly identifiable to Dr. Unangst).

1. Revise your thesis statement in light of the feedback you received on RA4. Make sure your thesis meets all of the criteria on the A(H) SMART thesis checklist in the

history research project folder.

2. The middle of the outline (which ultimately becomes the body of the paper) may either work forward or backwards in time, or perhaps be organized by geography or sub topics. Regardless of your structural approach, it is paramount that you maintain a consistent historical orientation throughout.

1. For a project of this length, the body of your paper should include 6-8 paragraphs.

3. The conclusion should summarize your main points and explain how a historical understanding of your issue is critical to understanding it in the present.

Each paragraph should advance your primary argument (support your thesis). Remember that you are both making an argument and telling a story, so the chronology of your topic should be clear.

For this assignment, submit the following:

Your hook paragraph

Your revised thesis statement

A topic sentence for each body paragraph that makes clear how the paragraph advances your argument and endnote/footnote citations for the sources you plan on using in the paragraph.

After completion, you will receive comments on ways to refine your analysis, the necessity of different or additional sources, and the clarity and historical nature of your thesis statement.I didn’t submit RA2. I’ve attached MY submission forRA1 AND RA3. I’ll share the feedback for those too. Based on that, you’ve to writeRA4. ITS NOT big assignment as you can see. But I really need perfect work


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