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AJ 100 F Fullerton College Wk 6 Criminal Justice Death Penalty Essay

This AJ100 F course requires a position paper be submitted by the end of WEEK #6.  To help you get started, you will be completing your initial search of  credible literary sources and a review of the literature. I recommend  that you carefully read Chapter 10 (pages 309-323) and quality web-based  information. Below are the assignment directions for the capital  punishment position paper.

Capital Punishment / Position Paper

Your assignment is to write a position paper on whether you support  or oppose the death penalty in America. You are to summarize your paper  formatted within the following areas:

1.) Do you support or oppose the death penalty? State your position and a general overview of your feelings.

2.) Provide reliable statistics that support your position.

3.) Cite legal cases that support your position.

4.a) If you support the death penalty, how should it be administered to avoid moral/legal problems?

4.b) If you oppose the death penalty, what would you use in its place for those convicted of the most serious crimes to society?

Each of the sub-topic areas should be a minimum of 300 words and the  total final written project should be no less than 1,200 words.

I encourage you to use reputable outside sources to complete this  assignment. Your research paper should be single-spaced, using Times or  Times New Roman, 12-point font. Margins of your paper should be one-inch  (1″) on all sides. Place the word count at the bottom of your last  narrative page. Make sure to provide a reference page.

Do not copy/regurgitate ideas from researched articles or other  literary sources you find. Your job is to identify important concepts  and/or principles that supports your view and provide (in your own  words) a comprehensive review of the categories listed above. You should  take detailed notes and organize your notes prior to drafting your  assignment. A good way to begin your research is to use key-phrases  like, “death penalty pro/con”, or “capital punishment arguments for and  against”. You may not use Wikipedia as a reference,  but you may use it to give you a guide to search for relevant events  that may be used in your paper. If you do this, make sure to find  independent research on the topic.


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