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Alexian Brothers Health System The Warning Signs of Suicidal Ideation Questions

Please read chapters 8 & 9 then complete the assignment below and attach in MS Word.

Rebecca’s dad died when she was 15. They had been very close, so when her mom remarried about a year later, she had a hard time adjusting. Her stepdad talked about how much God loved her, but she didn’t want to hear it… just like she didn’t want to hear the stranger in the school assembly say things get better; that suicide isn’t an answer. She had lived through three years of anger, pain, and emptiness looking for better. It didn’t exist.

Drugs and alcohol numbed the pain. Rebecca remembers: “What really led me to suicide was drugs and alcohol. I never figured I would get to that point. It started when I was probably 10 years old, smoking grapevines in the woods behind our house.”

She separated herself from reality and from the people who loved her. “There were people in my life that cared about me,” Rebecca said. “The way I wrote to them in my suicide letters was so deep. Why couldn’t I go to them and say, ‘I am about to kill myself, I need your help’? The world of drugs I was in separated me from my relationship with them.”

On Thanksgiving Day, she hit bottom. Already in danger of losing her driver’s license, she got another ticket. She was already facing a possible $5,000 fine or 30 days in jail for possession of deer out of season. Also, she could lose her guns, all handed down to her by her father.

Luckily, her mom found her note and brings her to you for help.

Please explain her warning signs, risk factors, and protective factors.

Which type of treatment do you recommend for her Inpatient or Outpatient?

Book- CLinical Mental Health Counesling in community and agency settings  by Samuel T. Gladding; Debbie W. Newsome

ISBN 0134386779


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