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Allen University Personal Leadership History Report

Personal Leadership History Report

The personal leadership history report will review your leadership experiences and describes your leadership style during those experiences. Discuss leadership experiences, what you learned from them, factors that influenced how you led, and how you look back on that leadership experience. This does not have to cover your entire leadership experience but should cover enough to build an accurate profile of your leadership experience. It is important to note that you do not need to be a supervisor or manager of people to lead. Leadership roles can take place in other ways, such as volunteering with a religious or civic organization. This is an essay on leadership, not management; sometimes the distinction is a fine line.

Be sure to read the requirements for that assignment before you complete the Personal Leadership History Report. Be careful not to focus on a leadership style in general, but discuss specific personal leadership experiences, both positive and negative, successes and failures. This paper should review your leadership experiences and describe your leadership style during those experiences. Be sure that your conclusion focuses on summing up your points on leadership discussed in the essay, not just a style. This report will be used to compare to what you have learned from the Leadership Exercise Report, also known as an After Action Report (AAR).

The body of the personal leadership history report shall be 4-6 pages (1,300 to 2,000 word), excluding other material such as the cover page, table of contents, abstract, graphics and tables, and references. The paper shall be presented in the 7th edition APA format, all margins should be 1”, 12-point font, and be in either Arial or New Times Roman font style. In the following descending order of preference, information sources must be either peer-reviewed articles, government reports, or other sources approved by your instructor. Internet information sources from other than authoritative sources are discouraged.


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