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Allied Medical Institute Autobiography Coronavirus Teenage Party Art Discussion

Part 1 – Create a 3-page response to the following prompt. All responses are to be typed, double-spaced using 10-12pt. fonts. Please use a formal heading with your full name, course, and school. Write pages 100-103 of your autobiography. PS! What this assignment basically requires is for you to select a particular event or brief time period and develop and expand with facts, details, and examples. Please don’t write your 3 page life story! Since you are supposedly starting on page 100, no student’s paper should begin by stating; My name is…and I was born in……..that is the type of information that would found on page 1! Pick a time period, or event that is powerful in your life. It could be a victorious moment or a sad one. You could also focus on an event that helped your grow and mature in some way.

Part 2- This assignment requires you to read the article carefully and make at least two specific connections to the text in your written response. Write freely about the subject but always mention the author and title and make a few connections to the actual text. Your response should be a solid paragraph or two. 

see “coping with coronavirus”  below for part 2

Part 3- Carefully read both articles and pick one to write a two paragraph response following the instructions to the best of your ability. We will use these articles to get started because they offer interesting lessons about writing, communication, storytelling, narration, and other issues. So remember, carefully read both and then produce a two paragraph response according to the directions. Some of you have seen these before and that’s okay because there’s enough to review for a second time so please use your enhanced knowledge to do an even better job.

see “teenage party art” for part 3

Part 4- This assignment requires you to find good definitions for each of these terms and also provide an example for each term. Download the Microsoft Word document and your definitions in terms and then save your work and submit the final copy through this assignment portal. Send it as a Microsoft Word attachments


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