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American Career College Ontario Can China Bring Back the Best Discussion Questions

Read the article and answer the questions.

What are the key strategies that states can use to increase return migration?

What are the problems China faced in getting people to return? How did those concerns change over time?

  1. What  are the limits on state power to promote reverse migration? (Think  globally, locally and individually) Is the market or the state more  important in bringing back entrepreneurs, and why? How do we explain  China’s relative success in bringing people back?
  2. How can “shortage” drive reverse migration among entrepreneurs and scientists?
  3. What is “Transnational Human Capital?” How can we show that it exists?
  4. How did the events of June 4th create an instant Diaspora and how did Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin deal with this problem?
  5. What is the “Diaspora Option?” Why is it so important?
  6. Why  did Li Yuanchao involve the CCP in reverse migration? What did the  Organization Department of the CCP discover about the problems of  returnees in 2011?
  7. How do we know that the” scientific environment” is a major problem in China?
  8. What do I mean by the “failure hypothesis” and how would one test it? Where can we see it at work in the readings?
  9. Can  returnees change China? What are three of the most important reforms in  universities that can improve the quality of the academics in those  schools?
  10. What are the key domestic forces that resist the  adoption of international norms or rules concerning promotion, grant  applications and the allocation of research money, etc? (use the example  of the Beida reform and the meeting I attended with Li Yuanchao.)
  11. Why  would a university with a president who had a foreign PhD be willing to  have more returnees than a university whose president had only been a  Visiting Scholar abroad?
  12. Why could one argue that local  government was the most important level of the state for encouraging  entrepreneurs to return and what were the key strategies that they  employed?
  13. What are the key controversies about “preferential policies” given to returnees?


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