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American Military University Week 5 National Gallery Art in Washington Discussion

Art Museum Assignment

Course Objective(s): 

CO-1: Identify major works of Western and Non-Western art from the Neo-Lithic to the Post-Modern periods.

CO-2: Identify major artists and their time periods in Western and Non-Western art.

CO-3: Interpret art terminology in relationship to works of art.

  • CO-4: Describe major works of art.
  • CO-5: Compare and contrast works of art.
  • CO-6: Analyze works of art within their social and historical contexts.
  • Write a 2 page description, formal analysis, interpretation and evaluation of one work of art from a virtual museum online. Visit the museum virtually.  Please visit an art museum, not a children’s museum for this project.  Use the Week 1 How to Write a Critique format. You are writing in an informal manner and are discussing/describing the object with us. Be sure to review the lesson of Description, Formal Analyze, Interpretation and Evaluation learned in Unit 2. It may be helpful to review the Third of May, 1808 short videos in Unit 2 lecture. 
  • Include in your paper an additional introductory paragraph describing the museum you visited.
  • Submit your work in the Museum Assignment section. Optionally: also post your paper to the Week 5 Forum designed for the papers.  

Museum Paper Grading Rubric:
The Museum Paper is an analysis paper, not a history or research paper. It is worth 100 points.

60 points: If the student demonstrates a clear understanding of the topic being discussed and addresses all required points in the writing prompt.  Be sure to describe the artwork, name and discuss line, texture, space, color and shape, and arrive at an interpretation.  What does the artwork say to you personally?  Be sure that the paper is two full pages aside from the description of the museum. The museum description should not be included as part of the two page length requirement. Try to choose a museum locally so that you can visit in person at some point and see the artwork that you wrote about.  Have fun!


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