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American Public University Public & Private Properties Research Paper

Plato, Locke, Hegel and Marx have different views on the proper role and place regarding property. Plato opposes property ownership by the guardians, and Marx opposes private property. Locke sees the protection of property as one of the main goals of government, while economic activity and property are essential elements of ethical life for Hegel.

Construct an argument about which philosopher has the most convincing theories of property by comparing and contrasting Plato, Locke, Hegel and Marx. Please leave out opinion-marking terms like, “I think” or “In my opinion.” Make a clear statement about which man was most convincing, and then convince me with facts and evidence why this is true. For example, “Plato has the strongest argument because . . . ” This can include real world results from their ideas, strength and consistency of their arguments, or process of elimination by poking holes in the arguments of the other men leaving your choice as the last man standing.

Remember, to state a clear thesis at the very beginning of which man was the most convincing, and then use your compare and contrast to show why. I’m looking for grad level analysis and assessment of their ideas, not just description.

This paper should be between 12-14 pages (3000-3500 words), double-spaced, and with references to the readings to support your positions. It’s due at the end of Week 7. 

DISCLAIMER: “Originality of attachments will be verified by Turnitin. Both you and your instructor will receive the results.”


This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.Instructions

The essay questions require that you demonstrate specific knowledge of the contributions of various theorists to the field of political philosophy. There are two questions, and each question is worth 100 points. (INSTRUCTOR MUST MANUALLY SELECT 2 QUESTIONS FROM THOSE PROVIDED).

  1. Discuss the relevance of Marx today, both to the United States and to the international community. Make sure you focus on Marx’ political thought and not on communist governments.Marxist societies have a poor track record in regards to human rights and economic development. Assess these failures as either evidence of the flaws in Marxist ideology or as a failure of proponents to correctly implement it.
  2. Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill are often associated with classic liberal thought. In what ways did these men differ in their outlooks on the nature of men and the purpose of government?
  3. Evaluate the precepts of Kant’s prescription for peace versus Rawls’ hypothetical solution to creating a just society under the “veil.” Explain which one has the most realistic chance for success in practice and why.
  4. Explain the major contributions of Plato, Augustine and Hobbes to political philosophy. Please craft your response into a single essay structured on a central thesis that connects these three philosophers.
  5. Would Machiavelli consider the tyrants of the 20th century to be disciples of his political thought? Were you to translate Machiavelli’s famous dictum, si guarda al fine, as “the end justifies the means,” would you be inclined to answer differently? Please make sure you answer both parts of the question with a single thesis to tie your response into one coherent essay.
  6. Compare and contrast the tenets of Just War Theory from the perspectives of Christendom during the times of Augustine and the Muslim world of al-Farabi. Assess the relevance of both worldviews in relation to the modern world.
  7. The contrasting ideas of Hobbes and Locke are commonly examined in political theory. In what ways were the ideas of these men similar, particularly about the nature and purpose of government?


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