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American Public University System Special Teams Presentation

Getting a degree in this day and age does not guarantee you a job. Instead, a degree only increases your chances of opening certain doors in order to apply the knowledge gained through the educational process. This project functions as a measure of your ability to do just that. The project instructions will be purposely vague in order to test your ability to lead, think creatively, manage your time, avoid procrastination, and overcome adversity. These traits are much more valuable than a degree in itself. With this in mind, I hope you will demonstrate your ability to effectively lead, follow, or otherwise work well together.
The final assignment is a group project. You will work together as a group to construct a presentation on various coaching aspects inside and outside of this class. Please see the specific requirements below.

The project direction and content within will be decided by the group or leader(s) within the group:

Many formal education assignments are given with specific directions from the instructor on what the assignment should contain. While I will give some guidance below, you should not feel obligated to include any of it in the project if you do not wish to do so. I would much rather see your creativity than a rote reproduction of something you think I want to see. Some ideas you may want to consider are below.

Techniques and Tactics of the game. How can you make people want to view your work? How can you make learning effective? How can you increase the ability to perform these skills?

Teaching and Evaluating Sports Skills (How would you do it? What is most important?).

A Coaching Aspect of Choice: Topics covered in this class such as leadership, planning, etc.
You must submit your individual contribution to the project as an attachment to your final project assignment.

I encourage the use of pictures and videos within your assignment. In addition, animation and voice to demonstrate specific techniques, tactics, and other aspects are recommended.


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