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AMU Wk 4 John Locke Philosophy on Property of Objects Response Discussion

respond to these responses with a minimum of 100 words:

Hello everyone,

This week I chose to explain what does John Locke mean by property of objects? He came up with this theory that people are entitled to life, liberty, and estate. When a person enters into work they become entitled to the land around it. He had this theory that land was put there for man to enjoy. The only exception to his theory was if you claimed it that it did not mean you were able to stop other people from using it. It was natural land and he could not see as to why that humans could stop others from claiming something naturally and then putting a bunch of restrictions on that land. That is why when someone who works and owns a piece of land that it becomes one through that man and land and through god that they are able to share that land naturally with everyone else around it. That is how he felt that societies built themselves. Was through people owning the land and allowing others to grow and build on that land and build together through a natural bond……………………….Empiricism, as defined by John Locke, is that knowledge and ideas are dependent upon our experience. Experience, in this context, consist of sensations interpreted from our environment. As we walk into a room we are experiencing this room through our sensory organs: eyes, nose, mouth, hands/feet, ears. These sensory organs are gathering information about the environment we are in. This information gathering process creates sensations, which are simple at first. An example of a simple sensation is to see a wall that is painted red or that a flower has a very pleasant fragrance. These simple sensations then combine to produce things that are much more complex. Complex sensations can provide more information to our brain about the environment we are in. We can see that the overall shape of this room, we can see the colors, the room has a distinct smell, we can touch the walls and floor and know that is firm and has texture to it. These complex sensations are the foundation for the ideas formed about our environment. These ideas form the basis of our knowledge about the environment we are experiencing. It is knowledge that is linked to our ideas and our ideas are dependent upon our sensation experiences. From this we can say emphatically that without an experience, there is no knowledge. (Locke)

Thus Empiricism is the process by which we experience our environment through sensations to provide the foundation of knowledge.


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