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Week 2 – Analysis of Leadership and Communication Strategies

While you are developing a proposal for a new alternative education school or program with your group in this class, it is important to recognize that you may have the opportunity to lead such a process someday in the real world as an individual. What kind of leader are you? How do you communicate with different stakeholders?

For this discussion, consider the following:

  • Describe your leadership style and how it will allow you to lead the faculty and staff to success in designing and implementing the alternative education school or program.
  • As a leader, which goals would you bring to the culture of your new innovative alternative education school or program?
  • As a leader, how could you ensure faculty and staff are following your vision and goals for the new innovative alternative education school or program that you have designed?
  • How do you best communicate with others? How would you promote your team’s vision to various stakeholders?
  • How do you see yourself leading an alternative education school or program as its sole leader?
  • What pressures are you under as a leader, and how do you respond to those pressures?
  • How much time will this effort require of you, and how much time do you have available for it?

Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

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