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Anglia Ruskin University AB Curriculum on Religion Questions

For this assignment you are a preschool teacher, Yo must answer the 5 questions .You must use these books . i do not have them so only bid if you can get them

1. Derman- Sparks, L., & Olsen Edwards, J. (2010). Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves. Washington, DC: NAEYC.

2. Hall, N. S. (1998). Creative resources for anti-bias classroom. Albany, NY: Delmar Publisher.’

Articles are attached

3.Weiss, 2008) and Bisson Reading

Chapter 11 Reflection Part A curriculum on Religion

Part A: Response to Chapter Reflection Question(s)

Each student will need to read the assigned chapter(s) and readings for the week.

Once student has read the assigned chapter, readings and watched the Video then student must answer the assigned Chapter Reflection Question(s) for the week.

Chapter 11 Reflection:

Chapter Reflection Chapter 11: AB Curriculum on Religion

  1. Address the importance of having AB curriculum in the classroom regarding religion. Provide statistics, key issues and concerns
  2. Holidays can be very difficult to incorporate into an AB curriculum, student needs to address strategies from (Weiss, 2008) they would incorporate in their classroom
  3. Some of these strategies could be more challenging than others but students need to address the counters to these challenges
  4. Need to summarize key items from the Bisson Reading about religion in the classroom.
  5. Address your classroom policy

Must address all parts of the questions and must be in essay format.

Use key terms and define the terms, be specific, provide details, and examples to help support your thoughts. Remember to write in essay format, cite and reference the textbook or PowerPoints in APA.

Remember to be detailed, use key words and explain your response. Remember to cite and reference textbook

Each Chapter Reflection Question(s) response needs to answer the question entirely, be specific and detailed, spelling and grammar applies, and must cite the textbook accordingly to APA style/format. Students need to aim for detailed 3 page response that cites textbook in APA and references the textbook at the end the post in APA (similar as reference page).


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