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Anglia Ruskin University Self Concept Response

I’m trying to study for my Social Science course and I need some help to understand this question.

Please respond to brock with 200 words self concept

I define myself as a strong willed, brave, intelligent, providing man. I’m 24, not religious, and a paramedic. I believe I’m funny, outgoing, hard headed, short fused, skinny, logical, and adaptable. I have a hard time working in groups when their ideas don’t align with mine. I enjoy being a provider and a fixer of problems. I’m athletic and very competitive. I’m good at adapting to situations life puts me in and overcoming the problems. I am good at staying calm and performing under pressure. I’m not good at keeping my mouth shut when someone is doing something morally wrong. I am good at respecting others, but have a hard time not getting mad when I don’t receive the respect back.

I think I learned most of my characteristics from my parents because they always taught me to not care what other people think of me or the things I do. They taught me to always do what I think is right even if it’s a little against the grain. I think that played a big role in me not caving into peer pressure growing up too. My dad was always an upper for me because he taught me how to be more confident and adaptable. A downer for me were teachers in school, because simply because I wasn’t good at completing my homework they would make it seem like I was not a good person. I think I have been an upper to my fiancee because I have tried to teach her to be more confident, social, and adaptable as well. I’m not sure who I have been a downer to, I hope no one. I have never been the type of person that feeds off putting other people down. It gives me so much more enjoyment to build others up with my knowledge or insight.


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