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Animal Models Discussion

FDA usually requires two animal models. You will need to get IACUC approval for two different animal models. You need to make sure you reference all facts from Pubmed, with a reference list at the end of your answer. Questions:

  1. List two animal models for your disease if they exist ,with references. If one or both models do not currently exist, you can list an animal model that you will develop. (The instructors will used PubMed to make sure an animal model does not exist) (2 points)
  1. Choose one of these animal models and address the following questions
    1. Which of the two animal model species in question 1 will you be using? Or, what animal species will you use develop your own animal model? (1 point)
    2. How is the animal given the disease in the existing model? Or how will you administer the disease to the animals, and in what dose in your own model. (4 points)
    3. In what ways does the existing model resemble human disease AND in what ways is it different? Or describe the ways in which will you test your new model to determine if it resembles human disease? (5 points)
    4. What will you monitor in the animals during the disease progression? What is the final end point? 94 points)
  2. Describe your application to IACUC for animal use –
    1. Approximately many animals will you use of each of the two species? (2 points)
    2. Where will they be housed? (2 points)
    3. How often will you monitor them for disease? (3 points)
    4. Do you have to make any special arrangements to use these animal models? Housing, space, play, diet, restricted movement? (2 points) . These are the questions, the disease that I am writing about is Alzahimer, Please refrence from Pubmed And cite it in the text like medical student do. I will provide the course project that I did before.


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