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APUS Influence of Health & Social Indicators on the Economic Growth Capstone

You are attempting to establish what the existing literature says about Health and Social Indicators on the economic growth within Scott County, Iowa. 

1. Where is the gap existing that you plan to fill with this assignment? You may find help at this website. 

Please make sure not to “stack” sources. Weave each source into the relevance of the topic of the project and each other. It is usually a good idea to move from the academic scholarly literature to the national studies, then to state and local, and finally to anything else specific to your work. Many projects have government reports or state or agency documents in this section (as compared to what you would find in a thesis literature review) but you also need some scholarly peer-reviewed journals to set the stage. 

Answer Other researchers’ questions:

1. What are direct and indirect indicators?

2. How are indicators measured by Scott County, IA. vs County National Average of indicators?

3. What is the most significant social indicators in Scott County, IA.

4. Are there federal laws that Scott County, IA. must abide by when adjusting economic growth measures?

6. Will the government assist with poverty levels in Scott County, IA.?

7. Are there programs that are provided by Scott County, IA. Public Health Administration to assist with knowledge and educational needs of the community? How do those programs assist with economic growth?

8. What can be a huge improvement within the Public Health Administration of Scott County, IA to improve economic growth within the community? Explain in detail.

A Capstone Proposal was already written. Use the Capstone Proposal to guide you. I found some literature I want to use again but I cannot plagiarize the written proposal. So use the literature review in the proposal and write something different once you review those references. The other attachment is the End of Program Manual for the whole Capstone Course. Please use it to assist in the requirements for this literature review.


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