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Arapahoe Community College Nonverbal Analysis Task Worksheet

Nonverbal Analysis Task Description:

This is a multiple step assignment designed to help you: 

Pay attention to the nonverbal communication around you.

  • Interpret nonverbal communication more effectively.
  • Connect the material in the Nonverbal Communication Chapter to real world situations.
  • Take a notebook with you so that you can record what your see.
  • Pay attention to each person’s nonverbal communication for at least thirty minutes.  This would work with many activities you do every day—like having dinner with someone, going to the library, going to a park, airport, or even the mall. This may also be done in conjunction with another class assignment, like conducting an interview.  You only need to be close enough to be looking at the subjects without being noticeable to them. If they feel they are being watched, they will often move and you can’t complete the assignment.

In order to accomplish these objectives, please do the following:

Step 1: Go to any public venue and pick two people interacting to watch.

Step 2: Take TONS of notes of what you observe.

What kind of facial displays did you notice that had message value?

What kind of gestures or body movement had that message value?

What kind of eye movement, like eye contact or lack, thereof, communicated a message to you?

If you were close enough to hear, what kind of vocal behavior, like pitch, rate, volume, pronunciation or accent had that message value?

What kind of things did you notice about their physical appearance that communicated something about them to you?

What about their artifacts added value to the message?

Did you notice any emblems, illustrators, affect displays, or adaptors? What were they?

How did the other person use space to communicat3e?

How did they use touch to communicate?

Step 3: Write up a nonverbal analysis of interaction.

This paper should be no-longer or shorter than a three-page account of at least three different behaviors that you noticed. Your fourth page will be your reference page (APA format please).

In the discussion of each behavior, be sure to address:

What the behavior was and what it communicated to you.

Whether or not you think the behavior was intentional.

What you did or thought in response to the behavior.

How did the behavior affect the communication that the subject had with the other person?

Somewhere in your discussion, be sure to define and cite the key terms you use (such as proxemics or affect display)

Need Preview and review main points, purpose, attention getter, and clincher statement in introduction and conclusion. Explain how your purpose connects to your results.

Need a detailed description of the public venue and the participants chosen to watch. Includes why these participants were chosen.

Need at least three different nonverbal communication behaviors (Hint—these nonverbal behaviors would be your 3 headings for that section of your paper) and each nonverbal communication term & definition is citedin bold font. Identify communication patterns in other people.  List and describe the basic theories of interpersonal communication behavior.  Demonstrate skills in listening, and perceiving.


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