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Argument About Social Justice Impact of Covid19 on Unemployment Essay


Compose an 6-8 page researched essay that develops a clear and well-supported argument on a specific social justice issue, where the writer (you) addresses the root cause/origin of the issue, provides historical context, takes a stance on the issue and considers possible solutions.


You might choose from the following topics, as these are all central to the current times. ***If you would like to work on a topic not listed below, please email me for approval.

List of Options

Topic Category

Specific Issue


· Economic impacts

· Racial inequities

· Impacts on unemployment


· Universal healthcare

· Prescription Drugs



· Border Security

· Travel Ban


· Illegal Immigration

LGBTQ+ Issues

· Equality Act

· Hate crimes


· Tuition Relief

· Affirmative Action

· Funding for education

· Debt relief/Student Loan Forgiveness

Criminal Justice

· Racial inequities

· Private prisons

· Mandatory minimum sentencing

· Legalization of marijuana

· Capital Punishment


More Specifically:

  • Your essay should identify a social issue that is central to the current times.
  • Your essay should include research on the possible origin and/or cause of the social issue. Your job is to look into the historical context from which the social issue emerged.
  • Your essay should include your stance on the social issue with evidence to support your reasoning and thorough analysis of how the evidence supports your reasoning.
  • Your essay should include five (5) credible sources that you select.
    1. At least two (2) sources must be located through the library’s databases
    2. Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source.
  • Your essay should be well-structured with a clear beginning, middle, and end.
    1. Below is a list of components to include:
      1. Introduction: introduce and familiarize your reader with the social issue you plan to tackle/analyze/complicate
      2. History: research the origin and/or root cause of your chosen single story.
      3. Argument: provide evidence to support your stance on the issue. You must also include a counterargument and rebuttal to make your argument more well-rounded.
      4. Conclusion: explain the significance of the work you have just completed. Why is it important that we talk about your social issue? What are possible solutions to the problem?


      For this essay, you will be researching and selecting all of your own readings and sources. You are required to find and cite a minimum of five sources, and two of those sources should be from the Cuyamaca College Library Databases. (Links to an external site.)


      1. Introduction
        1. Hook
        2. Contextualize social issue (background)
        3. Thesis: your stance on your social issue
      2. Body 1: Origin/Root Cause: What is the earliest moment in history where your issue was a problem? And/or what is the root cause of your issue?
      3. Body 2: Historical Moments over time: How has your issue played out historically? Where, in history, can we see it being a problem.
      4. Body 3 Argument in PIEIE Structure: First reason to support your thesis
      5. Body 4 Argument in PIEIE Structure: Second reason to support your thesis
      6. Body 5 Argument in PIEIE Structure: Third reason to support your thesis
      7. Conclusion: Overall significance of your stance on your social issue: why does your topic/stance matter for your readers? What should readers do as a result of reading your paper?


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