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Arizona State University Higher Purpose Organization Discussion

To start this discussion, you will travel back to the beginning of the course. Take another look at the article from week one that advanced higher-purpose organizations, Positive Organizational Ethics: Cultivating and Sustaining Moral Performance, and review your definition of higher-purpose organization from the week one (discussion #3) posts. Reflect on previous readings and current readings. Then share your thoughts with the class about these questions:

  • What is your understanding of what it means to be a higher purpose organization? Has it changed from week one? Explain.
  • What is your own list of criteria you would use to identify whether an organization has a higher purpose?
  • What are the factors from your perspective that foster the building of higher purpose/ethical organizations? Be sure to explain your reasoning.

Below is my reasoning from week 1

What is your key takeaway from this chapter? Why is this takeaway important for your leadership development?

My key takeaway from this chapter would have to be where Gill talks about six common grounds to help guide to what is ethically right (Gill, 2011). He breaks it up into three different sections which are, the two compliance criteria, three thought experiments, and the bottom line. The section I found the most interesting was the three though experiments section because it highlights the importance of a company ethically operating. It also highlights the importance of transparency within a company.

How do you define higher-purpose organizations? From your perspective, what are the strengths and challenges in leading this type of organization?

I define higher-purpose organizations as organizations that are not just economic exchanges.Higher-purpose organizations exude genuine passion for what their mission is. Some strengths include space for creativity, healthy communication, lower turn over rates for employees and higher returns. A major challenge that I can think of include holding up to this standard that you set as an organization especially when considering that management will eventually have to shift and someones personal values and beliefs may not align with the companies causing contradiction.


Gill, D. W. (2011). It’s about excellence: Building ethically healthy organizations.


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