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Arizona State University Indigenous Religion of America and Africa Concept Map

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Chapters 2 & 3 from Invitations to World Religions share the same challenge for learning about indigenous religions: both chapters provide a patchwork of details from a huge variety of religions indigenous to three continents!

CHAPTER 3‘s Concept Map:

So, for this assignment, I ask you to think about how one example of “religious” practice fits into the broader cosmology outlined in the beginning of the chapter. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Show the overall cosmology of indigenous religions in the Americas (pp 34-44). You can work with one or both of the following definitions of cosmology:
    1. Brodd defines this cosmology as: “We will look particularly closely at beliefs about creation and human origins, the interrelationship of humanity and other elements of the world, and the nature of sacred language” (pp34-35).
    2. In my lecture PowerPoints, I define cosmology as who and what a religio-culture’s world is filled with and how humans in that religio-culture relate with everything and everyone in that universe.
    3. If you choose to draw pictures, make sure to label the parts of this cosmology. And make sure the file format is one that the Canvas will accept. Apple users, if the file type you need is not here, tell me what to add.
  2. Then, show how one detail from one nation (see the map on 32 for the names and locations of indigenous nations represented in this chapter) fits and works within this cosmology. Here’s how to do this:
    1. Choose a detail from anywhere in the chapter. This can be a structure or building, a ritual, a ritual object, an organization, etc…
    2. Show that detail within your cosmological map and label the name of the detail and the religio-ethnic community where it is embedded (woven into, part of).
    3. Label parts of this detail to show how this detail (building, ritual, object, organization, etc…) connects people within this religio-culture to other parts of their cosmological world.


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