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Arizona State University Requests for Adjustment of Alimony Payments Responses

The concept of alimony was based upon the concept that someone was at fault in the breakup of the marriage. No-fault divorce has severely limited the awarding of alimony in most divorce cases today. Reply to the following prompts with a minimum of 300 words.  Reply to two classmates with a minimum of 100 EACH. I will send you 2 replies of my classmates

  • Do you think Alimony is a good or a bad thing?
  • How would the divorcing couple settle requests for alimony from wives and husbands?
  • Should there be a minimum number of years married, or a time limit on alimony payments?
  • What about requests for adjustment of alimony payments if a spouse’s financial status changes drastically or gets remarried?

from Justin

I believe alimony is an absolutely necessary right that married couples who were under one source of income deserve. In many families a partner will stay home and raise a child. This takes away the opportunity to be able yo pay for themselves and survive if the main source of income in a household suddenly exits. This gives the partner the chance to build their own assets to survive on their own. The divorce couple often will use a court to decide the payments for alimony or they will go through a lawyer to build a contract if the couple does not want to bring a judge in on the situation. As of now the system for deciding alimony in my eyes is a fair system. I believe that alimony should only be enforced with a partner who cannot provide for themselves due to either a very low waged job or not taking on employment for staying home and relying on their partner. Although I do not believe that if the partner who had not been working has enough assets or is comfortablyfinancially stable enough to live on their own for a few years should be due alimony. I believe that a partner should be fully allowed to explain in front of a judge why alimony should be adjusted. I believe that the partner should in some way be able to prove that the set alimony will bring them such a wealth disparity that it will cause them to either move downward in their socioeconomic class or that it is causing financial ruin. I believe that a judge is the most practical and safe avenue for making sure alimony is a safe and fair trade to ensure that both partners are able to financially survive after a divorce. In the case of alimony both partners deserve protection from financial ruin.

from Mackenzie

Alimony can be both good and bad. I think it’s a good idea in a majority of scenarios. However, I think the spouse should only get it if they deserve it. Meaning, if they’re trying to abuse the system to only make it benefit them and leave hardship on the spouse paying them the money than they should not get it.

I think the best way in most cases would be for the divorcing couple to settle requests for alimony in court, or somewhere where there are legal people present. Both people should have lawyers if that’s what is needed.

I believe the number of years the couple was married should be something that is taken into consideration. I believe it all depends on the situation of why they are being given alimony. If it is for something that’s not extreme than the payments should only be for a short duration. Giving them some money to help them get back on their feet and help them out. However, if the case was something much more extreme than I think the duration of the alimony payments should be a lot longer.

I find it important for alimony payments to be logical. If one spouse needs help getting back on their feet than they have the option to collect alimony from their ex-partner. However, I know many people would take advantage of this. Again, it’s a case-by-case scenario and depends on the situation. With that being said, if the spouse’s financial system changes and they don’t need financial help any more than the alimony payments should stop. Same goes for if the spouse gets remarried. If they get remarried, they now have two streams of income, and I don’t think it makes sense for them to still be getting alimony. 


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