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Arkansas State University Power of Memorizing and Remembering Discussion

Next, view the 20-minute Ted Talks video titled “Feats of Memory Anyone Can Do” found at the following link:

Feats of Memory

Here are the prompts for the Chapter 6 discussion. Choose one prompt and respond by composing a good initial post. Then be sure to reply to at least 2 of your classmates’ posts. Remember to watch your word counts!

Post is at least 150 words

Prompt 4: View the 20-minute “Feats of Memory” video posted in this week’s instructor supplements. Discuss what you learned from it and how you can use elaborative rehearsal methods to improve your own memory.

*Be sure to link information in your post to what you are learning- DO NOT just post your opinions! For full credit, I need evidence you are reading your assigned readings and viewing assigned videos!

classmates’ posts:

Post is at least 100 words

student 1

My earliest memory is going with my mom to houses she used to clean when I was a toddler, I was around 4 years old. I know my mom took me with her at an even younger age but I believe my memories start at 4 years old. I can remember things like her taking coloring books for me, different snacks and drinks, play-dough, and other toys to keep me busy. After she cleaned the person’s house I can remember going to the park or an indoor playland at a fast food place. I do not remember anything that happened in my life before I was 4, I just go off of what my family tells me. I believe language influences what we remember because we can exchange ideas, thoughts and conversations, in return, you are expressing and sharing emotions, physical actions and imagination with another being which aids in remembering certain things.

Student 2

If I were a member of a jury and knew the knowledge I now know, I would be a little more skeptical of my decision making and would think it over a little more. Before watching the video I was sure of it that an eyewitness account was almost a surefire way to find the suspect. Now I see how it is possible for a victim to create and edit false memories in order to fit the narrative at hand. I think I would still heavily take into consideration an eyewitness account, but I would also remember this video and take that into consideration as well. I think that an eyewitness account can be the whole truth and nothing but the truth in some situations. For instance, If I saw my father directly commit a crime, I would know 100 percent that it was my dad who committed that crime as I saw it and was with him moments leading up to the event and afterwards. I also have many memories and have known him my entire life and have a very close relationship with him, this would ensure that I could identify him in a lineup, set of pictures, or any other way of identifying him.


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