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art history 115 Hudson County Community College Egyptian Art Discussion

1-Egyptian art consists of royal commissions and funerary objects. Their art gives off the permanence and the timelessness with the depictions of their kings. There is a big hierarchical factor in their artwork. In today’s culture, we like innovation, creativity, thing’s outside of the normal. As said in the text, “Continuity of form and subject is a characteristic of ancient Egyptian art” which I believe is very much true, mostly all of the artwork has to do with their kings, the pyramids, pharaohs, etc. In today’s time I would say that the simplicity of just admiring one figure or one “god” is lost. What is gained is creativity because today’s art has many factors and possibly many different meanings to the public eye.

2- Ancient Egyptian art styles focused on the informing and glorifying whoever they are trying to depict. Egyptian art was strictly focused on the empowering of theirs god, pharaohs, and priests, which could only be represented through hieratic art; the larger the monument the the better they feel that they were able to embody the power of these gods through their artwork. Egyptian art was practical for the purpose of having sculptures, monuments, and hieroglyphs to honor and tell the story of their gods; its wasn’t made for human consumption or critical thinking through abstract ideas. Their idea of art was different, to them it served a purpose, and that purpose was to give them a better after life, or to make the Nile flood again; their art was practical for religious ceremonies, todays art is fundamentally different. We create art for the person, for human consumption, nothing to signify the greatness of our afterlife (maybe we depict the greatness or value of our life, but never how wealthy we are in the afterlife). I believe that by having our understanding permanence and timelessness we understand that traditional, conservative thinking can greatly limit inspiration or ingenuity. We want art that we haven’t experienced yet, because we view art as an experience and not the embodiment of someone’s spiritual capabilities. We are constantly progressing and are easily bored if presented with old information when we have the access to infinite information and stimulation; this is why we don’t want permanence because we want things to be different. Egyptians choose not to progress artistically which limited their developed of culture and technology because change was not valued, which is why they Egyptian empire fell, unable to compete with progressive ideologies.


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