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ARU Interpersonal & Online Communication by Celine Fitzgerald Discussion

I’m studying for my Social Science class and need an explanation.

Please respond to vanessa    

Introducing Ted Talk about interpersonal communication and online communication by speaker Celine Fitzgerald 

One thing you liked-  I liked how Celine Fitzgerald told everyone in the audience to talk to someone new or have not meet. And use the non – verbal components and notice if anyone are using them and yes i liked how everyone was into their conversations. 

Disliked-  when viewing this video it got me thinking about how online communication makes a person or anyone feel more stress, lonely, and not interacting with anyone in the real world. However staying to yourself and having a lonely future. 

I have a question about- When a individual  is having a conservation with a person and a person is smiling at you and having a soft voice does it mean a person likes you or why does it have to be non verbal component?   Meanwhile, to if a person dresses nice, or looks nice and talks with confidence could that lead into a conversation with anyone who will approach you ?

examples- communication has a lot of types like for instance, social communication to where people can text or video chat on Facebook, Instagram, and zoom for business work as well. For me I did use Instagram to text because I felt comfortable  to contact family members because when texting it starts up a good chat  and towards seeing them in person it starts off with small talk, quit, and feeling awkward.  

personal experiences- When I was 19 years old i was a socialize butterfly i would talk to nice people and give nice in return as well , start a good conservation , and laugh but, apparently to now I’m 23  I feel I’m too myself and sometimes its hard to talk to different people because some other human beings talk different , dress, and you feel your different to yourself or if you feel comfortable talking.  But,  I wished I seen this video a long time ago or now I’m glad. Because I can use some pointers to starting a conservation but sometimes when I talk to my friend he don’t like talking about personal stuff and his non verbal components changes a lot in his facial expressions and I feel like its me rushing to a conversation and it becomes difficult i feel its a working progress. 


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