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Ashford Impact of Nutrition on Brain Growth and Development Among Children in Desert Regions Paper

Choose a topic in which you have a vested interest. Nothing is more tedious than trying to develop a paper around a topic you find boring. Over the course of the semester, we have barely scratched the surface of what makes the study of nutrition so complex. Why are so many people suffering from hunger, both in the US and globally, when we throw away so much food every day? Why are restaurant portions so big when we are faced with an obesity epidemic? Why do people keep getting food poisoning in spite of all the government regulations and our extensive knowledge of food technology? What about GMOs? Food subsidies? Pesticides? Sustainable agriculture? And of course, consider the current environment in which we are living right now. If you are going to be a teacher, for example, you might want to investigate how the nutritional needs of youngsters who live in “food deserts” are being met, since breakfast and lunch are no longer available in schools. The impact of nutrition on brain growth and development could be of crucial interest. If you are going into a health-related field, perhaps you would find one of the nutrition-based alternative medicines of interest. If you are in international studies, or marketing, or business systemss, the options are endless.

Remember that this is a short project, not a term paper. You should try to focus your topic on one narrow, manageable aspect of the broader issue. For example, if food safety is your concern, narrow it down to a production or packaging issue, such as non-contact distribution and delivery, for example. When you post your topic(s) on the Blog, I will try to give you feedback to help you narrow it down even more.

When you post on the Research Topic Blog which follows. In your Blog, explain why you chose the topic (or topics) and why you thought the topic was worth investigating. What personal or professional interest does the topic hold for you? Is it related to your personal nutritional health, or that of someone close to you? Or is it related to your career goals?


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