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Ashford University Big River Industries Finance Analysis

the key part of the assessment ( the first documents of assigment 2 will shows as well )

word limited : at least 1800 for key part (besides the table ; appendix ; reference)

please get the word document and excel (for calculation ) ; two file for finish it

  1. Industry Analysis: descriptions of relevant economic and industry information,
    and company position in the industry. Describe the competition status in this
    industry with evidence.( four material competitors company support as showing with the third document )
  2. Strategy Analysis: describe the company’s strategy compared to the other
    firms in the same industry. Please analyse the strategy from financial
    statement perspective and provide data support for your analysis.
  3. Financial Analysis: First, providing comments on each of the financial
    statements ended in fiscal year 2020(including notes) and emphasize what’s
    the key point or items investor should pay attention to each statement
    (including related notes) and why. Second, applying ratio and other financial
    analysis techniques to separately analyse main aspects of financial status in
    this company (from listed to 2020). Third, conclude how the financial picture
    related to the stated company strategy analysis in the prior part. Fourth,
    discuss whether this company successfully implement the company strategy
    and further explain why from the financial statement’s perspective. Fifth,
    combining the prior industry analysis, discuss whether the key points that lead
    to the success or unsuccess implementation of strategy will persistent or
    change in the future and why. Do you think the company should stick to or
    change the strategy in the future
  4. Conclusion on financial statements analysis of this company: combining all
    your prior analysis, provide comments on the current financial status in this
    firms, and illustrate your expectations of the future financial status in this firm
    with evidence support. Please explain how you connect past financial data
    analysis with future financial performance of this firm.
  5. the report check the notes part (you don’t read all of them ) will be fine from page 27-63


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