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Ashford University Chapter 9 Industrial Transformations in The North Questions

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Week Five requires students to read Chapter 9: Industrial Transformations in the North, 1800-1850, Chapter 10: Jacksonian Democracy, 1820-1840, and Chapter 12: The Ante-Bellum South. In chapter 9, students will discover how the Northeast developed a thriving industrial and commercial sector, as well as the effects of industrialization upon technological growth and the workforce. In chapter 10, a discussion of Andrew Jackson’s Presidency traces the rise of American Democracy and the rejection of deferential behavior based on elite ideas of virtue, learning and family lineage. Jackson’s tenure in office witnessed the expansion of political privileges for some while minimizing opportunities for others, specifically the forcible removal of Native Americans from their tribal lands and expanding the institution of slavery. In the chapter, we will see the consolidation of the plantation economy in the south, and the sharply divided society it produced.

Question 1

What events led to the gradual development of two competing political parties in America in the late 1820s and 1830s? Briefly discuss some of the changes which made the political process more “democratic” in this period. Why did these changes occur? Who do you think were the chief beneficiaries of these changes? How did increasing participation in politics and public issues eventually affect the direction of the nation?

Question 2

What was the political agenda of Andrew Jackson? Why do you think they were so popular in the late 1820s and 1830s In what ways did they reflect the changing society of the 1830s and early 1840s? What elements of Jacksonian ideology became permanent features of the American Character?

Question 3

Briefly describe the changes occurring in the Physical makeup of the United States in the 1840s and ’50s. How was the population changing? How were the economic bases of the various regions changing? How did these changes affect sectional politics? Why do you think reform movements became so popular in this period?

Question 4

Ok, time for us to take stock, renew and reform this class! In the spirit of Democracy, I invite all to bring their questions, ideas, and observations.

Note – Answer in four different word docs and respond to two of your classmates.


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