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Ashford University Employees Development at Google Company Response

1. Which video is more effective? Specifically, what did you like and dislike about each video?

I believe that of the three recruitment videos, the one from Google was the most effective followed by Walmart and then Yahoo. I found the recruitment video from Google to be the most effective because of its use of employees giving their views about the work environment. I thought that it was a great way to demonstrate how satisfied employees are when working at Google. It proved to be a great testimonial for how Google values its employees. The video did a good job of showing prospective employees how great it is to work at Google. Walmart’s video was very uplifting and inspirational, along with giving a call to action for those looking to apply there. The reason I liked Google’s video more was because of the employee testimonials. Hearing their opinions directly from them felt like a more genuine recruitment video. Yahoo’s video did a good job of portraying an inspirational message to its prospective employees, however I found the format to be a bit bland.

2. Would you be encouraged or discouraged to explore jobs with these three companies? Why/Why not?

I would be encouraged to explore a job at Google because of the employee testimonials describing what the work environment is like at the company. Google’s work environment seems like a very positive and uplifting place. By focusing on the employee experience they are able to have a high employee satisfaction rate and the people will be more motivated to produce good work for the company. Walmart’s recruitment was also encouraging, though not as much as Google’s. Compared Yahoo’s recruitment video I would be more inclined to seek employment at Walmart rather than Yahoo. Company trajectory aside, the first impressions of the recruitment videos left me more encouraged to apply to Google rather than Walmart or Yahoo.


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