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Ashford University Interactive Space for the Reader Response

1. With the 1st video I liked how they tried to relate to people by saying things that a person says at some point in their life like ” if I were in charge I’d”. This makes them seem like they are giving everyone and opportunity to grow and be in charge, especially when the first thing they as is ” what if you could build a company”. This give the feeling that you can make changes and have a say in what happens and the way things are done at Walmart. I did not like how they seemed to focus on just truing to be an inspirational speech and showing inspiring photos, and videos of people inventing things. I don’t think this paints an accurate picture of the real environment and can be misleading. I liked almost everything about the Google video. I liked how they showed the relaxed and fun work environment as well as the other perks that come with the job like yoga, massages, and great food options. Also, the fact that they had real employees talking about the job, the environment, and showed people working in the background to me made it feel more real and genuine. The only problem I had with this video was it seemed a little to good to be true. With the Yahoo video I liked how they had a guy that had worked for serval other companies tell us why Yahoo stood out and why he was staying there over other complies. I also like and dislike how he told us he only has been working there for 10 months. I liked it because it was honest, but didn’t because since he has been there for such a short time maybe he doesn’t know the company well enough. I think that the Google video is the most effective.

2. I would be encouraged to explore a job with Google but not the others. I would explore Google because of the work they do, the work environment, and all the extras that come with the job. I wouldn’t explore the other two because of over usage of inspirational quotes, and lack of information from multiple employees, as well as not seeing the work environment.


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