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Ashford University Job Analyst Discussion

2.In reviewing my role as the job analyst, I can see the importance of the question I give out and the responses I receive in order to best prepare the various job descriptions which I am assigned. During the moment the coordinator manager has scoffed at me, though I would feel inclined to react with anger, I would instead take a moment and ask her if why she felt the questionnaire was a waste of time. If she continued to brush me off, I would them clarify the importance of such a questionnaire and how it would be used to get more application in. If more people apply, there is a better chance of finding a candidate that could make a difference in the company. My approach to this situation would be to remain calm and allow opportunities for the coordination manager to speak their mind and even offer advice as to how I can incentivize employees to complete the questionnaire.

Let us now assume that the manager had no time for me or my supposed busy tasks. In this case I would speak to a few employees whom I have a good relationship and ask if they could fill out the questionnaire as a favor. In addition, I would approach upper management and ask if they can offer any minor rewards, such as a Starbucks gift card, for anyone who fills it out, or to put a deadline on the form. Upper management may also offer me advice as to how I can get employees to complete the form.

To summarize my approach, I would remain calm, look to others for advice, and speak to employees on my own account to see if I can convince anyone to fill it out myself. Ultimately I would like to have the respect and credibility for others t naturally want to listen to me. In other words, I would like to be a leader in any position I have, and this will help in finding creative solutions to problems just like this.


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