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Ashford University Retirement Planning Financial Safety Decisions Discussion

CHAPTER 10 Discussion Board Assignment

Food for Thought …

Envy is a waste of time.

Make peace with your past so it won’t spoil the present

However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

This chapter and its Discussion Board assignment is our financial discovery in IDS 109 found in Chapter 10 of our text and WILL ALSO INCLUDE some light research outside the textbook (for example internet, financial agencies, ask your family, etc.)  For this learning, I like to hone in on “pragmatics” when it comes to financial discovery.  Pragmatics is just another term for the “practical” in this case towards the aspects of finance.  I want my students to think heavily on “HOW WILL I MAKE SURE I AM ABLE TO RETIRE WITH FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE & WITHIN MY COMFORT & MEANS.

With that understood here’s your assignment:


Imagine yourself 25 years from now and the “future you” gets a chance to give financial advice to the “present you.”


1)  Write three (3) pieces of financial advice that the” future you” MUST NEED TO KNOW in order to be financially secure 25 years from now along with what retirement vessel, you researched, that you think will be the best to live on when you retire,  Write at least a paragraph, each, of the three (3) pieces of financial advice.

VIDEO: LISTEN AND WATCH THIS VIDEO ON FINANCE – 18 Years Old – What Is The Next Step? (4 minutes) Dave Ramsey

QUESTION #2 – 2 Questions:

1)  On a scale of 1-4 with this being the scale: [1-POOR  2-AVERAGE  3-GOOD  4-EXCELLENT]  how would you rate yourself in how well you are familiar with retirement tools that are currently available in the USA?

2)  Do you think most people have a good understanding about what money they will live on when they retire? If you answer either “Yes” or “No” give your reason why you believe you’re right.


That completes Discussion Board assignment for Chapter 102 


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