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Ashford University Week 7 Improving Employee Experience HR Discussion

When HR professionals are faced with an issue or trend, the HR professional will prepare an analytical study for their organization in an effort to bring clarity and solutions for the organization. They will often network with HR professionals to seek their perspectives and experiences on the topic, compare their approaches and solutions, as well as identify benchmarks.

For this discussion thread, you will provide your problem or thesis statement for your final research paper and a summary of what you are hoping to accomplish. In discussing and responding to classmates, you want to provide meaningful feedback and help your classmates to explore their topic and achieve their ultimate goal.

This is the final Final Research Paper:


You have acquired a vast knowledge about multiple topics relevant to managers and HR employees. Below, you will find a list of what some refer as pressing issues and trends facing HR professionals in 2020 and you are asked by senior management to weigh in on—from educating and discussing the implications for the organization to providing solutions in which the organization can implement.

For your final paper, you are being asked to weigh in on one of these issues or trends, defining and educating management exactly what the challenge or trend is, analyzing and discussing the implications for organizations, and what can be done. Do not limit yourself in these approach elements, as you want to make sure that the executive management would have all the information they need to make a decision or take action.

  • Pressing Issues
    • Corona Virus Pandemic
    • Closing the skills gap
    • Modernizing employment-based immigration
    • Creating organizational cultures that prevent workplace harassment
    • Improving the employee experience (i.e. employee engagement)
  • Trends
    • Fostering the relationship between workers and robots
    • Creating flexible work schedules and environments
    • Taking a stand on social issues, i.e. employer/employee activism
    • Improving gender diversity
    • Investing in mental health and wellbeing of employees
    • Addressing the loneliness of remote workers
    • Upskilling the workforce
    • Focusing on soft skills
    • Preparing for Generation Z
    • Preventing employee burnout
    • Helping managers to manage (i.e. how HR can help managers manage)
    • Holistic HR
    • People Analytics to Analytics for the People


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