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ASU College of Hospitality Retail and Sport Management PowerPoint Template

Final Project (Final Exam) – PowerPoint Template “How To Use Spreadsheets In My Major Field of Study


Using the PowerPoint template provided in Blackboard, complete the research and complete each section of the template. The goal behind the final project is for you to provide examples of how spreadsheets are used in your major(Sport and Entertainment Management) field of study. See the information below prior to completing the Final Project. NOTE: If you complete this assignment using a Mac, you MUST save your file as a PDF before uploading. If this is not done, will not be able to open/grade the assignment and a zero will be recorded. Refer to the Course Outline and Due Dates Checklist later in this document.


Utilizing the PowerPoint Template Provided in Blackboard


How Spreadsheets Are Used Within My Major Field of Study(Sport and Entertainment Management)


It is important to connect what you are learning to your future. Spreadsheets are used in a variety of ways and it is important to know the many roles they play within your major field of study. Using your best research skills, find supportive documentation to complete the PowerPoint template.


Follow these steps below to summarize your research into the PowerPoint Template.


  • Use the PowerPoint template provided.
  • Use at least five (5) different references/resources from books, the Internet, journals, and/or any other viable/reliable resources you may find.
  • References must be listed in APA Style. APA Style Reference examples may be found at this link:
  • The PowerPoint template may include research information specific to Excel or proprietary spreadsheets. If describing proprietary software packages, keep in mind that they may incorporate many similar forms and functions of Excel.
  • Provide the definitions for spreadsheets in your own words.
  • Summarize the researched information by completing each section of the PowerPoint template.
  • The PowerPoint template should meet the following guidelines provided in the grading rubric below.

this class is about excel. I uploaded the example about the project and I attached the PowerPoint template.


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