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ASU Importance of Technological Literacy and Learning Question

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Directions:  Of the questions below, choose 5 questions and respond appropriately.

Question Pool:

14.1. As a teacher, you have some students who will be very adept at using many technologies, and some who will be completely unfamiliar with certain software programs and devices.

a. Describe three strategies that you would use to support learners who are already familiar with many technologies.

b. Describe three strategies that you would use to support learners who are not familiar with certain technologies.

14.2 Describe the importance of technological literacy, particularly for the content area and age group that you would like to teach.

14.3 Explain at least three important guidelines that teachers should follow when implementing technology usage in the classroom. Illustrate your guidelines with at two examples for each: in one example, describe what is likely to happen if teachers follow the guideline, and in the other, describe what may happen if teachers do not follow the guideline. Support your examples using evidence from the text.

14.4 Will you use digital textbooks, distance learning, simulations, technology-based collaborative activities, or other technology in your classroom? In your essay, be sure to:

a. Briefly describe these concepts, illustrating each with a concrete example.

b.Explain whether (and how) you would use these, or other, technologies.

NOTE: If you do not believe that you would use a particular technology, be sure to explain your reasoning.

14.5 Explain how technology can be used in the classroom to promote metacognitive skills. Be sure to illustrate your explanations with examples.

14.6 Describe what effective technology-based instruction means to you. Be sure to include non-examples.

14.7 Imagine that you had an opportunity to design a virtual simulation, digital textbook, intelligent tutoring system, or digital collaborative learning activity to help students learn a particular concept in the grade level/content area that you would like to teach. Describe what you would design, making sure to explain how it would enhance student learning.


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