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ASU Organization with A Higher Purpose Good Ethics Essay

For this assignment you will design an intervention for an organization that you know well . It can be your current or former  workplace, an organization where you are a volunteer, or an organization where your children participate. The assignment will culminate with a 6 page, double-spaced, Times, 12-point font Word paper with at least 3 references that integrate course and/or external materials to support your work. ( For this Assignment it will be for working at Amazon as an Area Manager)

An organizational intervention is structured actions or activities designed to improve an overall organizational system or task performance. Your  intervention will be aimed at helping the organization become a more sustainable higher purpose/ethical enterprise.  Relying heavily on The Five Levels of an Ethical Culture: How to Build and Sustain Organizations with Integrity and readings from previous weeks, and the criteria you developed for this week’s discussion provide an assessment emphasizing its strengths,  and then design an intervention to build on these strengths.

Here are some tips:

  • Ethics in an organization requires an assessment of ethical vision and the alignment among various elements of the organization.
  • There is no one-size-fits-all solution to creating and sustaining an ethical organization.
  • Your design needs to consider systems thinking, influence of the immediate office, and the team environment. 
  • The relationships among and within groups must not be overlooked. orga should target individual engagement and motivation, interpersonal interactions, group dynamics, relationships among groups, and interactions with external organizations, including suppliers, customers, competitors, and civil society. 
  • Without a comprehensive, multilevel approach, staff will notice any mismatches in the signals an organization gives, and this will undermine efforts to build an ethical organization.

Elements of the assignment need to include:

  • Your criteria on what makes an organization one with a higher purpose
  • Your understanding of the organization’s current functioning. Interviews with others will help expand your understanding.
  • Realizing this is a short-time frame, include any data available to you. For an intervention with more time, extensive data collection would be needed. For your purpose, do the best that you can. 
  • Define the success criteria for this change process.


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