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ASU Use of Emoji in Communication Amongst the Youths Paper

Total pages: 4-5

           The primary purpose of a review of literature is to provide a rationale for the proposed research question(s) and/or hypothesis(ses).  A review of literature should represent a synthesis of existing theory and research literature that argues for the research question(s) and/or hypothesis(ses).   The process of constructing a literature review acquaints the researcher with the studies already done in a particular area and allows the researcher to build/extend the existing knowledge.  The key to writing a good literature review is synthesis.  The following questions may help to guide your reading and paper organization processes:

Which research articles come to similar conclusions?

Which research articles disagree with one another or have contradictory findings?

Are certain theories consistently used to frame studies on the topic?

  1. How does your thinking about the topic relate to, differ from, and/or add to the previous literature?
  2. Guidelines:
  3. Identify a topic for research that focuses on communication behavior (i.e., verbal and/or nonverbal messages in some capacity).  Identify a question that you have about the particular communication phenomena.  (You may have a question in mind OR you may find a question by examining the literature and identifying gaps.)  Please make sure that your topic is in fact appropriate to the Communication discipline.  This will likely be the topic that you presented in your topic proposal.  The project should build upon the research that you have already started.
  4. Read relevant primary sources on the key topic and related issues. Make notes as you go that identify key ideas, variables, and definitions.  Avoid using direct quotations–paraphrase ideas from others.  You will need to read more material than you will end up citing in your paper in order to find useful and topic-relevant sources.  You should have 6 sources referenced and cited in your final draft of the paper. You will be penalized if you do not have the appropriate number of references and they do not meet the requirements.  The  journals should all be peer reviewed.  Additionally, please make sure that you are submitting original work.  Submitting work that has been submitted for another class is considered plagiarism. 


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