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Auburn University Montgomery Digital Challenges in Healthcare Industry Questions

1. Healthcare ecosystem (choose 3 to answer): a. Comprehensively discuss all of the industries in the healthcare ecosystem (based on class discussion) b. Each stakeholder has their own contribution and value. Discuss each. c. What are the 4 major digital challenges in the healthcare industry? Discuss each. d. Discuss reengineering / transformation in the healthcare ecosystem. e. What is the role of digital disruptors in the ecosystem? f. Discuss the digitization of medical equipment. g. How will digitization play an important role in patient medical records?

2. Hospital administration (choose 2 to answer) a. Discuss the obligations specific to hospital outpatient departments. b. Discuss the obligations specific to off-campus hospital facilities. c. Discuss the requirements specific to joint ventures between hospitals and physicians. d. How should hospitals manage the use of space by non-provider-based groups? 

3. Privacy and security (choose 3 to answer): a. Discuss why patient privacy matters. b. Explain how the HIPAA either helps or hurts the burden of regulations in the industry. c. What are the provider responsibilities under HIPAA. d. Under what circumstances can a provider disclose a patient’s health information to another health care provider? e. Which plays a more important role for health care providers to comply with health care regulations – federal or state privacy laws? Discuss why. f. Discuss the HIPAA security rule. 

4. Blockchain (choose 3 to answer): a. Comprehensively define blockchain. b. What technologies are involved in blockchain? c. What are the processes involved in blockchain? d. Discuss how blockchain can be used in health information exchanges? e. What are the implementation challenges and considerations in using blockchain? f. Illustrate blockchain with respect to online patient access.

5. Future of the healthcare ecosystem (choose 2 to answer): a. Discuss the components of the ecosystem that can be changed. Discuss the opportunities for each component of the ecosystem. b. How can information technology make those changes work? Discuss each of the technologies and how it applies to the components in (a) above. c. Discuss the financial benefits before and after the changes (use earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. d. Discuss the 5 opportunities to better the healthcare ecosystem that lie beneath the uncertainty.


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