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Audrey Hepburn Psychobiography Paper

  1. we have chosen to make the psychobiography paper about Audrey Hepburn, as you suggested. Overall by the end of this project, There should be approximately 25 references from primary sources. These are from peer-reviewed journals and academic texts, and edited chapters from academic books. Every week we will be completing a task/part of this paper.
  2. Research goals statement (You wrote this last week; we might need more than one research question to have more to write about in the final paper): It is worth noting that the historical figure Audrey Hepburn went through a lot during her childhood. First, her father divorced her mother when she was barely six years old, thus growing up without a father figure. Secondly, when Audrey and her mother moved to the Netherlands, they encountered numerous hardships during the second world war (Podolsky,1994). This being the case, the main question that I seek to answer concerning the life of Audrey Hepburn is whether her early childhood experiences shaped her adult life, bringing her fame and success considering psychological theory and research emphasizes the significance of early childhood on subsequent development.
  3. I’ve attached the previous tasks that we have completed from the psychobiography project to help as reminder or notes in this assignment.

Today task is about, Understanding environmental and contextual factors in someone’s life is as critical as having knowledge of their internal traits and behavioral tendencies. As you examine the life of your individual consider and outline the important contextual and environmental factors that you believe are most important to the understanding of your person and to your research question(s). You might want to consider the following in your paper:

  • Describe the society and times in which the person lived, and how that influenced his or her life.  Historical factors – War, migration, civil uprising, extreme weather events, political climate etc.
  • Consider parental caretaking and family structure – parental absence, birth order, attachment, peer relations, social support, relationships, and mentoring.


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