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BA 350 University of North Carolina Impact of Covid 19 on Productivity Paper

Prepare a research paper detailing the impact of COVID-19 on a management and organizational behavior topic that you are very interested in.

There are many topics that managers face in organizations which recently have been impacted by COVID-19. Examples of just some of those topics include absenteeism; productivity; emotions, attitudes, stress; teams; conflicts of interest; discrimination; equity; organizational culture; equal opportunity; employee safety; change; hiring practices; perception; communication; sexual harassment; leadership; motivation; fraud; internet usage; environmental; marketing; sustainability; revenue management; pricing; small business; remote workforce; crisis management and response; operations and supply chain; finance; strategy; brand; and liquidity.

Select a topic that interests you and detail with supportive references how COVID-19 has impacted your OB topic. Questions to consider including in your paper are: Is the COVID-19 impact positive or negative? In what specific ways has COVID-19 influenced your topic? Is this a global or U.S. specific COVID-19 impact on organizations? What solutions and proposals do you recommend in addressing the COVID-19 impact on your topic area? Cite examples in-text regarding your OB topic and the COVID-19 impact. What correlations are there between your OB topic and the COVID-19 influences?

Recommendations: Based on your OB topic and COVID-19 details and correlations, include your feasible recommendations which will address the COVID-19 impact on your OB topic. The viability of the recommendations and justification will be considered in your evaluation. 

Your OB/COVID-19 11-12 page research paper should include 7 full pages of text in the body submitted as a Word document citing all references in-text APA style, double-spaced, 1” margins, and size 12 font for your entire paper. Also, add 2 pages of supportive exhibits such as tables, charts, graphs, diagrams, etc. Additionally, add 2-3 more pages: First page should be a title page including BA 350, your topic, your name, and date of paper submission. Last page(s) is your References section APA style for all cited sources (minimum 10 references cited on 1 or 2 pages).


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